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Another Happy Client

We had a nice letter from one of the users of this site we thought we'd like to share.

Dear Feedback,

I would just like to inform you that I had a very successful car share from Guildford to Manchester last week with one of your members. We hope to repeat the lift share again.

I have also made contact with another member and that lift share also is likely to go ahead in the near future.

I am very happy with your services.

Kind regards,

UK Aware Tickets Available

UK Aware 2010

Tickets for this event can be purchased at the reduced price of £6! (will be £15 on the door)

All tickets can be purchased from their website now. Support a good cause!

Give a Car - Donate your old car

A fundraising scheme that will pick up and dispose of scrap cars - All profits donated to charity!

Thanks for reading. If you want to donate your car - now you know where to go! Please spread the word about our site and service.

UK Aware 2010 Exhibition

UK Aware 2010

UK Aware 2010 is the UK's only green and lifestyle exhibition, now in its third year. This year's show is at Olympia on 16-18 April and has 200 exhibitors and 100 low carbon vehicles on show.

Read More About Car Sharing

Keep up-to-date with the latest news about National CarShare and car sharing in general on the National CarShare blog.

The More Bus Air Festivel - Bournemouth 2009

The Bournemouth Air Festivel is back again from the 20th-23rd of August 2009 and is set to dazzle crowds once again!

This four day event takes place on the spectacular backdrop of Bournemouth's award winning beaches and is completely free, it promises to be a must see event with spectacular acts of aviation daring!

Sponsored for the 2nd year running by More Bus, this event will try and raise awareness of enviromental issues particually relating to transport in the UK, a cause we at National Car Share support whole heartedly.

The event will include visits from the HMS Cattistock, Black Cats Helicoptor Display Team, Beach assault demonstrations from the Royal Marines and music from The Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines.

Old favorites will also be returning including the much anticipated Red Arrows as well as demonstrations by other miltiary aircraft and civilian acrobatics teams including the Eurofighter Typhoon, The Blades Aerobatic display team, Spitfires and Sally-B.

All in all it promises to be a weekend of free fun for everyone!

NCS web site usage up 50% in 2008

The British public are embracing Car Sharing as one means of dealing with the credit crunch, and reducing their carbon footprint at the same time.

Figures released by National CarShare, the free online UK car sharing website, indicate a significant increase in interest in car sharing on the part of the UK travelling public over the last year.

In the course of 2008, the average number of new visits to the web site at www.nationalcarshare.co.uk increased by 50% and the total number of pages viewed more than doubled from 56,000 to over 126,000 indicating that the people who did visit the web site were there for a serious purpose.

For the second year in succession the majority of new visitors to NCS arrived via a Search Engine such as Google, further proof that more and more people are seeking out ways to help their finances and help the planet.

"We are currently welcoming an average of 60 new visitors a day," Alan Butters, spokesman for NCS told us, "which is very impressive when you consider that, because National CarShare has no income whatsoever, we do no advertising or marketing at all to promote the NCS free service. We even received 17 visits on Christmas Day, so I hope they got fixed up with the lift they were looking for."

"With over 20,000 new people a year considering car sharing, if only half of them find a lift on a regular basis the savings in CO2 will be spectacular," Alan added.

"A regular commuter driving 100 miles per week deposits one and a half tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere per year; so if just 1000 NCS users fit into that category we will have facilitated the saving of 1,500 tonnes of CO2!"

Registering to use the National CarShare web site is completely free of charge, and the web site carries no advertising.

High petrol costs set to spark car sharing trend

AA Car Sharing Survey September 2008.

Brits are on course to become a nation of car sharers according to the latest research from AA Insurance. Almost half (47%) of the population are now considering car sharing, despite only one in ten (11%) people admitting to currently doing so more than once week.

And it seems that the cost of petrol is the key reason - 51% say that they are more likely to consider car sharing now because of high fuel costs.

What's more, 60% of the 5.5 million Brits who already car share, admit that their primary reason is to save money on petrol costs. By contrast, only a third (34%) car share to help reduce emissions - strong evidence that the credit crunch is influencing people's behaviour over green issues.

In a bid to understand the motivations behind car sharing, AA Insurance undertook research with over 2,000 people in the UK, looking into the behaviours of why people do and don't car share and how it could be increased.

The most common reasons for car sharing include social occasions such as going to the pub (54%) and driving to and from work (34%). Sharing long journeys was also a popular choice (32%).

Edmund King, President of the AA comments:

"Car sharing is something that we really believe in - not only is it a good way to reduce emissions and congestion on the road, but can also save on motoring costs.

There is huge scope to become more of a car sharing nation and our research suggests that we could see a big increase, especially if Government proposals for 'high occupancy vehicle' or 'car sharing' lanes on some busy commuter routes go ahead."

About the research

Research for AA Insurance was carried out by YouGov amongst a GB representative sample of 2076 people aged 18+ between 5th to 8th September 2008.

Read the article on theAA.com

More National Car Share press coverage

National Car Share is in recent articles on reducing fuel costs and eco friendly travel from The Times and Sunday Times:

Car Clinic (Sunday Times)
How to save money on petrol (Sunday Times)
Eco-Worrier (The Times)

National Car Share in the press

Sun Money recommends car sharing as a great way to cut costs. Read the article.

Make your voice heard!

Providing safe parking areas by motorway and main road junctions is a great way to get people car sharing; sign this E-Petition to ensure the government keeps listening to the needs of car sharers.

Change Your World in June/July

Change Your World

The Sustrans Change Your World campaign runs from 30th June to 5th July with the aim of getting everyone to cut a single car journey in that week - why not use NCS to play your part!


Car Sharing on BBC Breakfast

On 2nd June the BBC Breakfast show discussed how car sharing helps workers to reduce their journey times and save money in the first of a three part series on commuting.

Using National Car Share could help cut your commuting costs - contact us to find out how your company could benefit from a car sharing scheme.

Fuel prices continue to rise

With recent increases in fuel costs and the promise of further rises to follow, car drivers are looking for ways to significantly reduce their motoring costs.

By car sharing your daily commute, you could be saving hundreds of pounds a year.

Drivers 'run on empty' because of fuel price (Times Online).

UK's first motorway car share lane opens

The first UK motorway car share lane opened in March between Bradford and Leeds. Know as a High Vehical Occupancy (HOV) lane, it allows vehicles with 2 or more occupants to avoid a heavily congested section of motorway, giving journey savings of around 40 minutes per week for regular commuters.

As the first of a number of proposed schemes, this demonstrates the government's commitment to car sharing as a practical way of reducing carbon emissions and journey times. Read the article on the Energy Saving Trust Website.

Motorway car share lanes to be introduced

The government is proposing to introduce new car share lanes on motorways with a toll levied on cars with no passengers. Read the article on FT.com.

National Car Share live in NZ!

As part of our commitment to reducing the effects of global climate change, National Car Share is pleased to announce the launch of our New Zealand Site:


Change Your World - One mile at a time

01-07 July 07
Change Your World

Ever wonder how life would be if we travelled in ways that benefited our health and our environment? We'd have safer roads, cleaner air and a better quality of life.

It's easier to do than you think. Change Your World is asking you to swap just one car trip from 1-7 July and choose something that's better for the planet instead.

Calculate your carbon footprint

According to the National Energy Foundation, the average UK car running at 29 mpg will produce 36 Kg of CO2 (equivalent to 9.8 Kg of carbon) every 100 miles. Calculate your own carbon footprint.

Reduce your car's Co2 emissions

All cars on the road today contribute to climate change because their engines burn fuel and therefore produce carbon dioxide (CO2) every time we drive. Yet you can easily reduce these emissions and save money too. By following a few simple tips and suggestions you can reduce your engine's workload, which means it will burn less fuel and produce less CO2. Act on CO2

New web site for National CarShare

With just one year to go before its tenth birthday, the NCS web site has undergone a thorough re-development and face-lift.

In fact, the site has been recreated from scratch to meet the growing demand for group and corporate bespoke car sharing schemes. The cost of the development has been underwritten by Bournemouth-based web developers Intunet, who have powered and maintained the site since 1998 as a free-to-all resource.

"The new site will allow us to satisfy the demands of environmentally minded employers and organisations in terms of security, functionality and reporting," said Alan Butters, Business Development Manager for NCS and Intunet.

"Firms and organisations will be held increasingly accountable for their environmental performance, whether by reason of voluntary carbon offset, government policy or even legislation." he added. "We have developed the new NCS web site infrastructure with these considerations very much in mind."

As for the public site, Alan gave the following reassurance to Members: "nationalcareshare.co.uk will continue to be a free-to-all service for the general public, but we will be seeking to defray the considerable investment that we have made over the years by attracting sponsors and advertisers, and are already in contact with major players in the automotive and energy sectors."

Alan Butters, Business Development Manager

0800 180 45 66
mobile: 07905 396 056


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